An ancient Japanese snack, mochi has been in the food culture of Japan since 14,000-300 B.C.. Possibly the cleanest confection ever created, it is traditionally made with pounded rice and spring water, and ofter filled with red Azuki bean paste. It is a food for celebrations, gatherings and expressions of gratitude. It was and still is a celebratory event of communities gathering folks to watch quickly, rhythmic pounding of rice into warm, soft, pillows of chewy dough.

Mochi is a sacred food for the gods, with people bringing neatly piled mounds of decorated mochis to shrines as offerings to the Shinto Gods for the New Year. It symbolized longevity, well-being and prosperity.


Issei means ‘first star’ or ‘one life’ in Japanese, but it also means something very specific - ‘first generation Japanese immigrants in the U.S.’., and the word symbolizes the earnest hope for immigrants who want to bring the best of their heritage to their newfound home in America.

Issei is about how we always hold on to the memories of where we come from. Nostalgia and stories of our past often kept and told through food. It is about the vision of creating a better future for ourselves and our families, adopting and learning new ways while staying true to who we are.

For us , our first line of product, Mochi Gummies are a fusion of our Japanese culture with that of the U.S. - powered by innovation. It is our love letter to immigrant and minority communities everywhere who have so much to share, and have contributed such great deal, but often feel unseen or unheard.

We are so excited to innovate, create and share all of our big ideas with you, while building a special community and telling our stories through food.