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[ee-say] noun

First generation Japanese immigrants in the U.S.

The word symbolizes the earnest hope for immigrants who want to bring the best of their heritage to their newfound home in America.

  • Our Mission

  • Issei is a mission-driven, innovation-forward, woman/minority-owned company, aiming to build bridges, foster diversity and add a little magic to your everyday life through beautiful, delicious, better-for-you snacks.
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  • Mika Shino

    Founder of Issei
  • Everyone loves candies. Especially my kids. And they have a special affinity for chewy candies. They were always asking for gummy bears, sour gummies, gummy worms. But I was always frustrated by how much junk they contained - buying chemical and artificial laden candies made with animal-derived gelatin did not make me feel good as a parent. I thought there had to be a better way for my children to have something they loved - a chewy candy - without all the bad stuff.

    So I started to experiment with the time-honored tradition of mochi cakes at home, baking them longer, adding different ingredients, drawing from my own Japanese heritage and relying on the chewy texture of rice flour. They were a huge hit with my kids and their friends, and Issei Mochi Gummies was born.

    I hope these little morsels will bring joy to you and to your family.

    Together with the top food scientists, we did hundreds of trials to carefully create our Issei Mochi Gummies with the best and cleanest ingredients so that you can feel good treating yourself and your family with a snack.

    Inclusion and diversity are important in all facets of life, including in the foods we eat, the traditions they honor and the stories we share. Through our Issei Mochi Gummies, we are proud to share our Asian heritage and make the snack aisle more inclusive and diverse.

    We make our Issei Mochi Gummies with love and intention, hoping that each bite will give you and your families joy.
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