What Are Mochi Gummies?


What are Mochi Gummies?

Mochi Gummies are inspired by the treasured ancient Japanese tradition of mochi treats, made with pure rice grains and mountain spring water for centuries. Probably the cleanest snack ever invented.

But traditional mochis are highly perishable items, sold fresh in the bakery section or sold frozen to prevent it from staling. It has a very narrow window for consumption left it grows stale. I wanted something shelf-stable, something chewy and natural that could rival the best selling gummy candies which are made with animal-derived gelatin and artificial flavors. I wanted a snack as pure and clean for my family with no gluten, no nuts, no dairy, no soy, non-GMO, and completely vegan.

I hired a team of food scientists and experts to do extensive research and development to create the first shelf-stable, vegan, gluten-free chewy snacks based on rice and tapioca flours without harmful additives or stabilizers. Drawing on my Japanese heritage, I created Mochi Gummies - delicious, chewy snacks infused with beautifully subtle natural flavors and simple ingredients in bite-sized portions.

Think - a soft, chewy, pillowy texture, somewhere between a gummy bear and a marshmallow. 

Enjoy Mochi Gummies straight from the package, or pair them with ice cream, yogurt, oatmeal, puddings, or your favorite dessert.

Made with love, for you and for those you love.