Sold Out at Launch

Sold Out at Launch

This is a photo that my dear Godsister sent to me from the Whole Foods Market stores in Santa Monica, California, when she went looking to buy them the week of our launch. 

She walked around the store, in the snack section, in the candies section, everywhere, and finally asked the cash register clerk, who pointed her finger to the empty section next to the register and said "they are all gone. Strawberry sold out in 2 days". 

We were stunned and in disbelief. We were so scared that it would take people time to get used to seeing such a new product and a first mover on the shelves. But people got it right away. And Issei Mochi Gummies began to sell out across several Whole Foods Market stores in its first days or weeks of launch. 

We are so excited and happy to see that our creations are resonating with you. And we cant wait to create more and share more.









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