NOSH Best of 2023 Awards: Your favorite Nominee!

NOSH Best of 2023 Awards: Your favorite Nominee!

We are so happy to announce that Issei Mochi Gummies is one of the nominees for the prestigious NOSH Best of 2023 Awards

About NOSH’s annual "Best of" Awards

This awesome award is all about celebrating companies, their brands, the individuals involved in it, and the products, ideas, and trends that are considered to be transforming the “better-for-you” packaged food industry. 

Being a nominee means . . .

Being a nominee for NOSH’s “Best Of 2023” Awards means that Issei has showcased “profound talent that can be found within the natural food industry.” According to Nosh, nominees stand out from other contributors in the categories of innovative products, captivating consumers through compelling marketing campaigns, spearheading ethical ingredient sourcing and business practices, and/or crafting delicious food products. 

Thank YOU! 

Every milestone is a big celebration for us here at Issei! With every achievement, we always think about everyone who has believed in our journey and taken the time to try our delicious mochi gummies. Thank you for your continued support and for trusting our creative process in developing a healthy and yummy treat for you! 

Stay tuned

Winners will be announced on November 30th at NOSH Live Winter 2023 - fingers crossed! Check out the other extremely talented and innovative nominees here


Issei Team

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