Happy AAPI Month!

Happy AAPI Month!

Dear Friends,

As we commemorate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) month, I'm filled with profound gratitude to you. Your support for a new company like ours played a pivotal role in shaping our story and growing in a way we did not imagine when we launched 18 months ago.

My journey began amidst the green hills of Kyoto, Japan, where my artist parents painted by day and hosted vibrant soirées by night. Our move to the US when I was eight was a leap of faith, driven by my father's dream of finding greater artistic freedom. Little did we know the challenges that awaited us - cultural adjustments, the trials of immigrant life, including discrimination. Yet, through it all, we persevered with dreams of a life with more freedom and opportunities, and found a myriad of ways to connect with people, make friends and build something through art, philosophy, food, music, and so much more. 

As an adult, my work with the UN further fueled my desire to find ways to bridge cultural divides and celebrate the rich diversity of humanity. From traversing 70+ countries to immersing myself in the beauty of diverse traditions, I discovered the profound power of unity in diversity.

 Today, I am so proud to lead a company born from this very ethos - a belief that food has the power to unite, inspire, and spark joy across cultures. Our Asian-inspired, heritage-proud candy company is not just about flavors and textures—it's about honoring traditions, fostering cultural pride and building bridges that span continents.

I take immense pride as an Asian-owned company. Together, we're carving out a space where every candy embodies a story, every flavor evokes a memory, and every bite is a celebration of diversity. Through our work, we are saying loudly, and proudly, that we matter, and our heritage matters - that the heritage of everyone matters. 

Your support has been the driving force behind our success, propelling us to dream bigger and reach farther. Together, we've built more than just a brand; we've fostered a community united by a shared love for culture, connection, and world heritage.

From the depths of my heart, I thank you for being there with me, for believing in our vision, and for championing our cause. Together, let's savor every sweet moment, celebrate every flavor, and continue building bridges that span continents and cultures.


With deep gratitude, 


Founder & CEO


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