Exciting News - Introducing Our New Flavor: Yuzu!

Exciting News - Introducing Our New Flavor: Yuzu!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest flavor addition - Yuzu! 🍋

But what is Yuzu, you may ask?
Yuzu, with its captivating fragrance and intricate blend of mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon undertones, has emerged as a favored citrus among top chefs worldwide, quickly ascending to the peak of culinary trends, despite its premium cost. Its significance goes beyond mere culinary appeal - here's why.

Our founder, Mika Shino, hails from Kochi, Japan, where the cultivation of yuzu dates back 1300 years. Renowned for its unparalleled scent and medicinal properties, yuzu holds a special place in Mika's heart. She fondly recalls her upbringing, where her mother utilized freshly squeezed yuzu juice in a variety of seasonal dishes. Upon relocating to the U.S., Mika's mother would lovingly transport bottles of hand-pressed yuzu juice in her suitcase after each annual visit home.

When crafting a yuzu flavor for our Issei Mochi Gummies, Mika approached the task with meticulous care, collaborating with flavor experts through numerous iterations to capture the true essence of the fruit.

We hope you savor yuzu as deeply as we do, bridging the connection from our homeland to yours.

Warm regards,

The Issei Team
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